Manual Article Submission Services

Article Submission is one of the best effective methods for SEO which directly related to a rapid-growing function of internet marketing campaigns. Article marketing is the act of writing and publishing well written articles to established article directories. Article submission has indeed become a popular way to promote your site. As it is a white hat technique, we use it for the benefit of the readers as well for our client’s site.

At Muniwar Technologies our experts ensure that your niche and subject area is thoroughly researched before writing the content, making the articles informative and beneficial for the readers. Our experienced article writers target the content with top keywords so that not just are the links from articles relevant, even the article may get rankings and drive traffic to your site. When you choose our article submission, we will take care of everything. Our article distribution team will create unique account for your submissions. This involves an elaborate signing up process, which also includes email id confirmation. We will signup manually in every single article submission site.

Why Muniwar Technologies are a Good Choice For Article Submission Services

  • More targeted traffic: We will ensure that your articles are submitted to the websites which have a lot of traffic. This will draw more targeted traffic to your website.
  • Link Building: We will embed your website’s link in the articles and description, in right quantity and at right places. These links will work as one-way links to your website. Hence, your link popularity and visibility will increase without making your articles look spammy.
  • Better Awareness: We will include in-depth information about the products and services you are selling on the website. This is especially useful for websites which are selling technical products like electronic products or little-known products like disability rehabilitation equipment etc. as the consumers generally like to gather information, before making a purchase.
  • Increase in Profits: Our qualified writers will write informative and interesting articles, explaining the products and services you are selling. This will give confidence to your targeted audience and they will be more inclined to make a purchase. Hence, you will see a considerable increase in your profits.