SEO Services

Finding an honest Search Engine Optimization organization is an important decision in the future direction your site will take. It may potentially improve your site’s rankings in the leading search engines; however, if done improperly, it may risk damaging your site’s reputation. SEO is a demanding task; let Muniwar help you with some of the basics.

The following areas to improve your site’s SEO:

  • Integrated content development (professional article and blog writers)
  • Site content and structure analysis and review
  • Technical assistance with SEO friendly technologies, such as permalinks, hosting, redirects, and JavaScript
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Expertise in geographical locations and specific markets

In addition, our SEO specialists work with our graphic and user-interface design team to provide a user-friendly experience. One of the heavyweight factors that determine whether a site breaks it or makes on search engine rankings is how often and how long users actually remain on your page. When someone clicks on your site and hits ‘back’ that means your site failed to provide them the information they were looking for or it was presented in an un-ergonomic fashion. Too many ‘black-backs’ can easily spell the demise of a site’s rankings. Bounce rate percentage can easily determine this. Furthermore, Google has integrated a new feature that allows users to block all content from a certain site. We make sure that your site displays all relevant information in a user-friendly manner to ensure unique visitors are not turned off but rather welcomed.

Muniwar Technologies always engage in organic SEO service practices. Our methods are always fair. Muniwar always stick to Google’s guidelines; therefore, guaranteeing your site will not be punished for otherwise aggressive marketing efforts. We never create so called, doorway pages or misleading content or SPAM techniques on your behalf. Our ethical practices mean that we have never had a domain removed from Google.

Muniwar Technologies understand that search engine optimizers cannot guarantee a number one ranking on major search engine like Google, Yahoo etc. We are honest to say that we  do not guarantee it either, however, unlike most companies, we work around the clock to familiarize ourselves with Google’s ranking techniques to ensure your site is given higher priority.

Muniwar Technologies is always transparent with the way it improves your SEO. After signing a non-disclosure agreement, we are willing to explain to you all of the changes we make to your site. We can provide you a clear guideline so that you can continue and make your own SEO improvements in the future.

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SEO Outsourcing India


SEO Outsourcing services to us will help you concentrate on your core business and we will help you improve digital footprint. Turn to statistics, market reports, or expert comments, and all of them will agree to a common proposition. As a leading SEO Outsourcing Services Company, we aim at optimizing our client’s satisfaction and taking their bottom lines ahead.

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Industry-wise SEO Services


Muniwar Technologies Pvt Ltd. provides tailor-made services to the different verticals of Industry in the case of web-based marketing efforts. Each sector has specific demands regarding clientele, geographical marketplace, age groups, social groups as per their products, brands etc. We don’t want to cater everyone with the same strategies of web marketing.

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Content Writing


Content, at the most basic level, is information. Content on the web takes a variety of forms: blog posts, social media posts, video and web pages, white papers and more. Content writers, therefore, specialize in written content. Understanding the purpose of content is key to producing high-quality work. Every website has a specific target audience and requires different content.

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Search Engine Reputation


Search Engine Reputation is very important to create and sustain a stellar reputation in the digital world. So Search Engine Reputation is very important to keep the business alive and avoid the negative comments or feedback because as we all know that few negative comments and unfavorable feedback can do more harm to your business than you can possibly imagine. Online Business market value is directly related to its reputation.

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Google Penalty Recovery


Google Penalty is a penalty that is put on a website by Google and it can occur due to various reasons like a Google Algorithm update, a manual penalty, or over optimization of the website, among other reason. This can cause your search engine rankings to dip, and it can cause even the top ranking websites to vanish in the secondary search results. Google penalty means real and immediate loss of potential revenue for your business.

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