LinkedIn advertising targeting options provide you with the unique opportunity to target over 467 million professionals. You can target anyone from an organization including CFO’s, CPA’s, CEO’s, Marketing Managers and everything in between. If your ideal customer is on LinkedIn and works for a business you can target them. With LinkedIn advanced targeting options you can target by experience, education, and account targeting.

Experience Targeting

Facebook advertising options on LinkedIn allows you to target professionals based on their traits as well as the company where they work. More specifically, you can target by:

  • Job function- inferred from member entered job title
  • Job title- current or past title standardized from member-entered and industry standard job titles.
  • Job seniority- inferred from member-entered job title
  • Skills- member entered skills in the skills and endorsements section on their profile, skills mentioned in their profile text, or inferred skills based on their listed skills
  • Company Name- current or past employer listed on member’s profile
  • Company Industry- the industry of the company at which the member is employed
  • Company Size- as listed on the company page of the member’s current employer

All these segmentation options allow you to target virtually any professional, across any industry. For example, you could target analysts working at an advertising agency like Ogilvy. You could even go a step further and target marketing analysts working in the respective agency. Using the LinkedIn advanced targeting options really provides users with an advanced new way to reach business professionals across virtually any industry.

The following screenshot was taken in the advanced search settings when conducting a LinkedIn targeting campaign. The screenshot shows just how many targeting options are available and how easy the software is to navigate. All you need to know is who you want to target and some of their characteristics.

Source: Digital Shiftmedia